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Director Spanish Missions
Home 3201 Eastridge Drive Valrico Florida 33596 United States Home Phone: 813-712-0665
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We are the Hewletts, Carl and Nancy, living and operating out of Valrico, FL (Tampa).
We were missionaries in Costa Rica for 10 ½ years, and have been in Spanish missions
since 1980. While in Costa Rica, we were involved in a preach-training- church-planting
ministry. Since 1989, we been working with national missionaries in various countries
of Central and South America. In 1998, we started our ministry with the GPA as the
Spanish-speaking Ministries Director. My wife Nancy has been working with me side by
side, with her specialty being medical missions, having made numerous trips to
Panama, Honduras, and the Philippines to participate in medical clinics in areas where
our GPA missionaries have their ministries. Our ministry involves a wide area of service
to not only the national missionaries in their countries, but also helping American
churches and pastors have an active role in various mission projects and activities.
National GPA missionaries have been recruited and are working in the countries of
Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States.
We hope to enlarge our coasts and continue to help the nationals carry out their God-
called ministries of reaching their countries with the gospel.

We have three daughters: Mareda, Melanie, and Marcia. Our third (in order) daughter,
Monica, died just two days after birth in October of 1981, and is buried in Costa Rica.
We have five grandchildren: Charity, 20, Roman 3 yrs. 8 mos, Justice 2 yrs 7 mos.,
Aubrey 1yr. 11 mos., and Verity, 10 mos. Our oldest daughter Mareda and youngest
daughter Marcia live close to us here in Florida, while Melanie and her family are
currently residing in Costa Rica where they have a ministry working with the Cabecar

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