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Mauricio Lopez & Melanie Candanedo

Website: Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Ibague
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We are the Lopez family. Mauricio was born in Colombia and is 28 years
old. Melanie Candanedo was born in Puerto Rico and is 25 year old. We
both are graduates from Puerto Rico Baptist College. We are now serving
in a city called Ibague, that has around 500.000 people. It has about 120
protestant churches, but just two Fundamental Baptist churches, including
ours. We started a church two year ago, and since then, we have been
doing different things to reach the people, like preaching in the streets,
knocking on doors every Saturday, Vacation Bible Schools, evangelistic
activities in the church, teaching deaf people, etc. Currently, there are
around 20 people attending our church on Sunday, and 12 are in
attendance for our prayer meetings on Wednesdays. We ask God to allow
us to establish a faithful and strong church from which we can help
establish other churches both in the city and throughout the rest of the

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